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Branding A Manufacturer Of Aquatic Systems

Aqualogic has built great name recognition in their industry for highly specialized and reliable aquatic systems. They approached MAD Group to transform their brand to match the level of their own standards. We began by creating a brand that would move them away from the preception of being simply a product manufacturer, into a respected producer of premium aquatic systems, services and parts. This was achieved through impeccable messaging and visuals that told a story.

New Tagline:

Aquatic Design, Manufacturing & Integration

New Slogan:

Where Water Drives Innovation

Campaign Headlines & Subheads:

For Worlds Underwater, Balance From Behind The Scenes.

Preeminent Manufacturers of Premium Aquatic Systems.

Computer Precision. Handcrafted Integrity.

Aqua Logic Perfects The Art Of Aquatic Life Support Systems./p>

Accelerate Your Research.

Incredibly Stable Equipment For Ridiculously Accurate Results.

When You Fail To Use Proper Equipment…

Failure Is Your Only Reliability.

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