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Branding A Health Insurance Company

We started by naming Lumina and proceeded to create a distinctive brand that would garner attention at first sight. Because this brand had to appeal to a wide range of markets including: B2B and B2C, we were challenged with messaging that resonated with both. We are proud that Lumina has surpassed all of our expectations and become a very recognized brand.

New Tagline:

Specialty Solutions. Open-Access Benefits.

New Slogan:

Brilliant Todays, Brighter Tomorrows.

Campaign Headlines & Subheads:

Low-Income? Non-Eligible? Both?

Insurance Isn't Exclusive. We Can Bring Coverage & Comfort To You & Your Family

With Bundled Life & Long Term Care, Everyone's Covered...

Part-Time Seniors Included.

The Cloudy Future Of Medicare Has Some People A Little Worried.

Lumina Can Forecast A Brighter, Clearer Insurance Outlook.

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