Branding Sagatica

Sagatica — Branding An Internationally Recognized Leadership Development Firm

When Sagatica approached us to rebrand their company we knew we had to create something special to match their reputation. Their industry is saturated with celebrity competitors and hundreds of large firms that have been around for many years. Our goal was to create a brand that would be remembered for its emotional conection with it's target audience, senior executives. We highlighted the stresses senior execs were feeling and added a twist of humor to connect. Note the the comic sketch lines to offset the seriousness of the grayscale images, and note the powerful call-to-action headlines and subheads. Branding this San Diego based firm was a labor of love, and we continue to work with Sagatica to evolve the brand.

Branded Ad Campaign—What’s On The Mind Of An Executive?


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The Brand

sagatica logo branding


sagatica brochure branding

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