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Rebranding A Fun & Beneficial Brand 

Lacey Haegen came to us with a strong desire to increase sales and appeal to unique markets. Lacey herself began the company with extreme motivation and passion for using natural yet effective ingredients. The new brand was developed to carry the Lacey Haegen brand across truly natural beauty product lines and create a sense of luxury for consumers among many markets.

New Tagline:

Smarter Career Searching & Posting

New Slogan:

Be Wise, Hunt Smart.

Campaign Headlines & Subheads:

Make Sure Applicants Can Do The Job Before They Get The Job.

Authentic Skill Validation That Takes Away The Guessing And Finger-Crossing.

Climbing The Ladder Starts With Landing The Job.

Validating Your Skills Is The First Step.

The Best Companies To Work For... The Best People To Work For Them.

Talentspot - Jobseeking That Works.

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