Small Business Marketing Programs, Trends and Tactics

Small business marketing in San Diego is not much different from small business marketing in other cities across America. Small business owners want a direct return on investment for each marketing effort. Brand building through public relations is not the way most small businesses approach marketing. In order to gain returns on marketing dollars, each small business marketing effort must make a memorable impact on their targeted consumers. Take a look at some of the programs and tactics we use to help small businesses grow.

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Small Business Marketing Services

small business marketingWe teach a wide range of protocols, and offer multiple programs that are specific to small business for generating income, savings, and increased profits. The list below includes just a few examples of what we do, and may not apply to every business.

We Help With Marketing Planning:
• Goal Mapping & Definition of Success
• Small Business Action Plans
• Small Business Brand Messaging
• New Business Consulting
• Creating Marketing Budgets
• Small Business Tactics and Approaches

We Help With Marketing Programs:
• Endorsement marketing programs (getting endorsed by those who matter)
• Your online presence—how effective your online marketing is
• Social Media marketing opportunities
• Analyzing competitor strengths and weaknesses—a search for missed opportunities
• Visual 1st Impression analysis (including online)
• Formal Referral programs
• Co-operative programs with other businesses
• Formal up-sell and cross selling programs

We Help With Client Relations:
• Creating a higher profile for your business
• Separating your business from your competitors with customer service
• Sales processes and communication techniques
• Returning-client incentive protocols
• Client reminder protocols
• Client retention and attrition
• Top client VIP programs
• New customer welcoming programs
• Past customer reclamation programs

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Our Consulting For Small Business Is Unmatched

Though we can create large campaigns for corporate businesses, we really care about small business owners and how they serve our communities. Our marketing consulting services for small businesses speaks for itself...and the referrals we get from small business owners is just icing on the cake. We’re proud to help you connect all the dots, protect you from ineffective advertising methods, and help you articulate your next step.

We’ll show you:
• Who to target first to jump-start your sales
• How to have your clients purchase from you more often
• How to develop customer loyalty in three specific steps
• How to have your clients spend more per transaction
• How to have your clients refer your business effectively, and gladly do your marketing for you
• How to be a farmer instead of a hunter for business
• What marketing efforts will work for your business and what won't
• What types of visual marketing materials will be most effective for you
• How to regain past clients
• How to deliver a powerful 1st impression to your clients so they tell others about you
• How to separate your business from your competitors with one sentence
• How to make your website a truly powerful lead generator
• And much more

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Questions To Ask Yourself Before Spending Money on Marketing

Before you spend money on marketing, put yourself in the position of being the consumer. What would prompt you to contact a company offering the same products or services? Be real about it...chances are you will rethink your marketing approach if you are the buyer. Now ask yourself these three questions:

First: What is your true definition of success for the business? What is the reputation you want your business to have?

Second: What does your business mean to your clients? What would prompt them to go to you instead of your competitors?

Third:Are you inspiring your staff to believe in your definition of success and your brand image?

Three Powerful Methods To Increase Business
Once you have the "big picture" sorted out, we help you focus on three things simultaneously:
1. Methods to increase your number of clients or customers
2. Methods to increase the average size of your sale per client
3. Methods to increase the number of times your clients return and buy again

Through specific programs and protocols, we start increasing your traffic and sales, adding small percentages from many simultaneous programs that add up to bigger percentages collectively. So instead of relying on a newspaper ad or one avenue of generating business we create multiple.

Marketing That Makes A Sustainable Difference
By guiding small business owners away from standard advertising practices and discounting tactics, we employ a more personal and in-depth approach to enhancing sales and brand awareness. We tackle tough marketing challenges by using sustainable, cost-effective approaches.

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