The Anti-Camouflage Approach.

Unforgettable. Engaging. Almost Unfair.

Advertising campaigns are meant to get attention and drive business. Getting the right attention that drives business is very difficult. That is why it takes careful thinking, research and creative exploration by an experienced team. Not very many advertising agencies or marketing firms can do this consistently. We’re proud to develop ad campaigns and marketing designs that connect to audiences with humor and emotion. Whether you are a law firm or a manufacturer, a consumer or a business, we are all emotional at our core and respond to advertising designs that are relevant, authentic and most importantly... likable.

Flojos Logo

When Flojos (pronounced “flo-hos”) approached us to reinvigorate their brand we were enthusiastic to take them on as a client. They are the original So-Cal sandal company that became a household name during the 1970s and '80s. After losing market share for a while they were recently acquired by a Southern California company to bring them back to national and international popularity. Staying true to the original Flojos personality, the new brand highlights the Southern California surf culture and vacation vibe. As surfers ourselves, we're so happy to be a part of revitalizing this brand for today's generation.

Retail Hangers

Even a flip flop hanger should say something about
the brand. We created fun messaging with fun colors
to get attention and display the Flojos personality.

From The Beach To Brunch, Traffic To The Tropics…
Your Feet Will Never Know It’s Not The Weekend.

A California Original.

Setting Feet Free Since 1972.

Appealing to coffee roasters has been a labor of love. When Intercontinental Coffee Traders approached us to serve as a full extension of their business and take on all their marketing and advertising, we were happy to oblige. We were excited about working with ICT to help make a splash within the coffee wholesale industry. We created a new brand with loads of personality to show the true character of their culture and the coffee culture itself. Their dynamic new brand has raised eyebrows and caught the attention of coffee roasters around the country.

Our team at MAD is very particular about the brands we build and the brands we represent, so when Pink Haze told us they were only appealing to the female Cannabis consumer they really had our attention. Understanding that there was no well-known all-female Cannabis brand on the market, this gave us the liberty to set the standard. We created an elegant brand that would appeal to women that cared about quality and were willing to pay for it. Also, since there has been a stigma associated with women smoking Cannabis we wanted to tell the world that women are allowed to have fun and be proud of it too.

Discovering This Is It! Everyday.

Going Further, To Find You Everything.

Focusing on the luxury market, Nicole emanates luxury in her standards. We designed her entire brand to be upscale and elegant. She approved.

Ecolife is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving habitats in Uganda and Mexico amongst other noble causes. They hired us to design their logo and develop a brand that would capture the attention of donors worldwide. On display here are two ads that were developed as a part of their branding package. Notice the slogan and the captivating headlines that helped to turn these ads into a powerful marketing campaign. We hope they affect you the way Ecolife affected us.

The Real Crisis In Africa…

Is Apathy Here At Home.

30 Years Ago,
We Passed The Bar.

Today, We Set It.

When you need a very personal, personal injury attorney, it must be Barry. We really enjoyed working on this project with Barry because of his passion. These ads were meant to show his standards, whimsical personality and level of expertise. We think we got the point across.


*6 Billion-Year Unlimited Use Warranty.

The hospitality industry has been automating their offerings to the point where it is difficult to have human interactions to make bookings and solve problems. So, when a company like Scuba Travel Ventures wants to promote themselves with a more personal, human approach, we said absolutely. As an international scuba tour company that plans dives and adventures around the world, we sought to match this dreamy, adventurous travel business with a brand that is bold, exciting, and dreamy itself.

Start The Hunt In Front.

Jet-Fueled Propulsionists of Real Estate.

This real estate company wanted to attract agents that were discontent with other brokerage houses. We created these e-ads to hit them once per month and the results were incredible. This campaign was so successful that we followed up with another one right after it.

Oohhhh…. Shhhh….

IT Services For Everything You Can’t “Ctrl Z.”

Early Birds Or Night Owls...

Find Employees Who Actually Give A Flying Flock.

Talentspot was a start-up poised for sale, but was in great need of a brand that would elevate its stature. They wanted to be perceived as a better option to and Their platform was sophisticated and hi-tech, but needed intelligent design that had a human touch to it.. We conducted a strategy workshop and then went to work creating the logo, tagline, slogan, website designs, ad campaigns and more.

A Tea Room In La Jolla overlooking the pacific ocean. What more could you want? This tea room was unique because it was a blending of east meets west. Not just in teas and pastries, but in service and style. The classic designs of the website and and the crest-style logo gave it a charm and elegance fit for La Jolla. The messaging was witty and the personality as decadent as the food.

Take Three Sips
And Count To Zen...

For A Freshly Brewed Escape.

Wow-Worthy Print Services

When the owner of Zing Print came to us it was to help them appeal to clients that demanded a higher level of service. In addition to their high service standards, they own state-of-the-art oversized printers and wanted to get the word out about their capabilities. This brochure and messaging certainly gets your attention.

Next Day Is So Yesterday.

Get Wow-Worthy One-Day Printing.

What purpose would an ad serve if it wasn’t attention-getting? When it comes to print or online advertising, we don’t mess around. We know the costs involved and we know how much work goes into it, therefore we want to see results. A MAD ad is usually attention-getting and loaded with personality. Think about us the next time you need and ad campaign.

For Retinas In Dismay

You’ll Love Our Acute Eye For Detail

  • MAD Group Are So Amazing At What They Do....
    "MAD Group are so amazing at what they do. They spent hours researching our company and our competition before we even began our full day workshop where they brainstormed with us on how to take our company marketing and brand appearance to the next level. They focused on the areas WE wanted to focus on, and delivered more than we could ever hope for. The final presentation was EXACTLY what we had envisioned our company to look like. We are so excited to implement all of the creative content MAD Group created for us. If you are questioning whether or not to make this investment for your company, I can personally say with experience now that MAD Group's marketing services will give your company its best chance at succeeding, if you are open to their ideas. "
    Gina McKinna, Memozines LLC
  • Marketing Geniuses...
    "Marketing geniuses. My entire team spent the day with them brainstorming on who we are as a company, what makes us different, our strengths, weaknesses, etc...and they will use that info to create our branding machine. They are kind and personal, as well amazing in their field. Highly recommend them as your marketing and branding company."
    Kathy Christmas, Owner, Golden Property Management
  • Pure Professionalism, Amazing Creativity And Great Execution...
    "After prior attempts with other companies, countless broken promises, frustration, wasted time and lost money, we finally have the web site we’ve been looking for with no headaches in the process. Actually, it’s far better than we imagined! But then again we are not the experts in web design. The M.A.D. Group is. And thankfully for us, we chose them. They have a seasoned team of people who get the job done and make it easy to work with them. No hassles, no disappointments, no delays, just pure professionalism, amazing creativity and great execution. They delivered on all their promises. Their first design layout was perfect and exceeded all of our expectations; they nailed it. We now have a site that is a cut above the rest. We look forward to working with The M.A.D. Group to further develop our marketing strategy as their work in this area is equally impressive. Thank you M.A.D. Group!"
    James Guerra, Konstrukt Development Inc
  • Refreshing And Inspiring...
    "Although we have not completed the branding process I wanted to let you know what an exceptional experience I have had thus far. From our first meeting in my office, to the first session at yours, to the challenge of naming my new brand, the MAD Group team has been professional, patient, informative, fun, personable, and has communicated clearly the entire time. This is not my normal experience with the people with whom I do business with. Your team is refreshing and inspiring. "
    Dorian Currier,
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