Success Story: Special Events, Inc.

CASE: Fill More Seats In Safety Seminars
RESULTS: Within Six Months All Seats Were Sold Out For The Entire Year

Overview: A prestigious special event safety company needed to sell more seats in their seminars around the country. They came to us by referral and asked what we could do for them.

Challenge: After thorough research, a full day branding workshop, and visiting one of their seminars, we learned enough about what their markets wanted and how to appeal to them. The name of the company was Center For Police Organizational Studies, but we determined that their markets went beyond Police departments which made the name misleading. In addition, their website and marketing materials were too wordy and did not connect well with their audience.

M.A.D. Group created a new business name, messaging, advertising brochures, new website and a totally new look was initiated. They are always available...service and results are their goal.- Mark Dallezotte, Director

Solution: The first step was to change the name of the company, which was risky since they developed a great reputation over the years. But we did it and let people know who they were formerly. The new name of the company is Special Event Safety Seminars. The second step was to undergo a four week rebranding of the company, which included re-defining their definition of success, developing messaging that resonates with each audience, and creating a new visual brand with guidelines for consistency and use. The third step was to develop an impactful website using the new brand messaging and brand visuals and then optimize it for search engines. The last step was to create marketing materials and start marketing.

Results: We developed a stellar branding package that commanded the credibility we were looking for. Based on the new website design and well-optimized programming, their website is ranked 1st for all their chosen search terms. Also, within six months of mailing brochures to specific mailing lists...they sold out all their classes for the year.

Success Story: Santier Corporation

CASE: Newly Acquired Company Needing New Branding
RESULTS: New Wave of Customer Inquiries and Requests

Overview: A private investor group led by The Courtney Group and Pegasus Capital Group acquired Plansee TMS, a world-class designer and manufacturer of custom components for microelectronics. The business needed a new name and brand, and interviewed a series of advertising agencies, marketing companies and branding agencies to take on the challenge. They chose us over the other agencies based on our comprehensive proposal and passion to make them stand out.

Challenge: After Santier was chosen as the new name, we embarked on getting all the senior level decision makers to agree on a definition of success and how they wanted to be perceived in the marketplace. Being much smaller than their competitors we had to let the world know that they could handle any size job, but also do it better than anyone else.

Solution: The first step was to set up a full day branding workshop with all the key decision makers, (including the investor group) with the goal of clarifying a clear definition of success in all their markets and overall as a company. Prior to the workshop we conducted research and asked detailed questions about operations, sales, competitors, and more. At the end of the day we developed key positioning statements for each market and the overall brand, providing us with a platform to create messaging components for the company. After this was developed we created visual brand elements and a company branding book as a guide for all marketing, advertising and design moving forward.

Results: After we created the brand, the new website and the prioritized plan of action, Santier was ready to launch their brand. We unveiled the brand to over a hundred employees which instantly raised moral and renewed a great sense of pride to work for the company. After their first trade show they attracted and acquired a senior operations manager from one of their biggest competitors.

M.A.D. Group hit the nail on the head with the precision of our brand messaging and the incredible design of our website and marketing materials. Clients now use our data to design their products.- Vim Dutt, CEO | Santier

Above & Beyond: During the entire process we worked closely with Santier’s C.E.O and investor group to dial in on every detail. We worked nights, weekends and in between to adhere to a short time frame on everything. Because of the impact we've made, we caught the attention of other related companies and are now working on projects for them. We really enjoyed this process and have felt rewarded by the results. That’s why we do what we do.