Should I Print Professionally Or Print It Myself?

Consider who your audience is and what they would think if they received a printed piece that is more casual versus more professional. If your business is an art gallery or has an upscale clientele, it may be better to use a professional printer. On the other hand, a taco shop that has a temporary, over-the-counter promotion using flyers may not require a professional printer. Also, if you are printing small quantities of a hundred or less or if you need your prints quickly, a professional printer might not be the way to go. Set up time and costs are expensive for professional printers. Lastly, …

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Website Design San Diego — A Local Synopsis

Although you can find a high level of creative website design in San Diego, consumers, business executives and business owners need to be careful when considering how effective a website will be when it is launched.

Effective website design in San Diego and across the globe is built on two primary objectives: First, to connect with the viewer emotionally, and second, to be coherent in thought and functionality so that the viewer is prompted to take an action. Believe it or not, most website designers, programmers and business leaders become so immersed in the making of the website that these two basic objectives are forgotten.

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Marketing For Small Business — How To Get Started.

Small Business is making a comeback in America these days. With the help of affordable technology, a small business can offer some of the same services and products as larger businesses, while still offering it at a high level. With proper small business marketing, a small business can get the attention it deserves and win over clients that would traditionally buy from larger businesses.

The key is to start out by being a big fish in a small pond. Look for the areas you can compete in that are underserved; then serve them well. Simultaneously, start focusing on a small business marketing approach that lets …

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Avoid Shortcuts…Create A Brand That Has Impact.

Does your company brand represent you for who you are? Are you better than your company brand leads you to believe? If you are like most companies, you represent yourself poorly compared to the quality of service you provide. You don’t have articulate brand messaging that reveals to consumers your unique qualities; you don’t have a website or marketing materials that reflect your company’s personality and character; your marketing and advertising approach doesn’t align with who you want to be; and your overall brand has been pieced together reactively as opposed to a proactive, methodical formation.

Many marketing directors or business owners will think of …

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How Do Advertising Agencies In San Diego Measure Up?

Advertising Agencies in San Diego are at the top of the list when compared to other national agencies. The agencies here can measure up to any ad agency in New York, San Francisco or L.A.. I’ve been around some of the most respected advertising agencies in these cities and can truly say that the creative and functional approach to helping businesses is every bit as good in San Diego.

If you are considering an ad agency for your business, compare and measure each agency by more than just design and recognition. Measure them by how effective they have been for others and whether they give …

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How Our Copywriter’s Old Motorcycle Changed His Perspective Of Connection, Communication And “Home For The Holidays”

Every morning, I wake up to a pot of Hulk Hogan-strong coffee and quaff it while brewing equally strong plans for the workday ahead. Then I sit on my old motorcycle and hope it starts so I can turn those plans into actions for my clients. I open fuel lines and the choke, turn levers, twist keys and flick switches. I don’t know how much you know about old motorcycles, but they can be… temperamental. What I’m coming to find, morning after morning, is that no matter what – a lightbulb, the spark, the cold or hot air, me or the machine – …

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Making Teachers M.A.D.

Reflecting on our formative years – those incipient, gradual steps from conceptual development to class-clownishness, creative growth to rhyming remedies for the mysterious afflictions of cooties – it became clear that many of our schoolhouse dogmas have proved, with age and experience, to be so, so backwards.

Take this find, for instance. Remember being forced to draw desiderata like this in elementary school? And worse, being forced to abide by them, knowing full well they were inhibitive? How shortsighted. How restrictive. How one-tracked… Looking back, we realized we forgot how conformist reading was in grade school. Ironically, what practices had been deemed “real reading” are, …

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1 Easy Tip To Save Money On Your Business Website

Are you penny wise and pound foolish? A lot of companies are when it comes to their website. If you want a cheap business website, designing your own is definitely the way to go. Even if you don’t know any code, you can pick from an abundance of free and cheap WYSIWYG website creators and have your own personalized website within a few hours. Unfortunately, these platforms are not consistent from browser to browser, nor across platforms like desktop and mobile. As of this past April, Google changed its algorithms to lay heavy emphasis on mobile websites; if your website isn’t mobile friendly, you won’t …

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Small Business SEO Marketing Strategies Made Easy

This DIY SEO Tip Still Works

Every small business is chasing the golden ticket to SEO. In such a competitive environment, with Search Engine Optimization playing an imperative role in reaching audiences, figuring out how to get on the first page of Google and other search engines is no easy feat. Even large companies with dedicated marketing teams work constantly to maintain or elevate their Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking.

As SEO and the understanding of relative algorithms have evolved, so too have the tactics for getting that proverbial golden ticket, landing that proverbial big one – the coveted first page.

Early SEO Strategies: …

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Why Is Brand Marketing And Brand Design Important?

Brand marketing is using a group of distinctive elements that clearly separate your brand from your competitors, to appeal to the audiences that might otherwise go to them. Brand design is just a part of an overall brand that is based on strategic positioning. It is important to use an advertising agency or branding agency that really understands what these group of elements are and how they emotionally connect with your target clients and their influencers. Many design firms, marketing agencies, and website companies do not understand how to develop a comprehensive brand, though they can develop some of the brand elements such as logos …

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