SEO In San Diego: Why Your Business Needs A San Diego SEO Expert

Businesses need every resource they can to make an impact these days and when it comes to digital marketing that means search engine optimization. A San Diego SEO expert can help you take your business to the next level.

SEO isn’t just putting keywords on your website. It’s a complex tapestry of marketing that includes everything from the content on your site to the business listings on websites like Yelp. You can try doing it yourself, but the time invested and the results by someone untrained could be mixed.

Check out the many reasons why today’s businesses need expert SEO for their website and beyond.

Business Competition is Fierce

San Diego and the surrounding area takes up a lot of real estate. There are likely numerous businesses just like yours and they’re doing their own SEO. If you’re a business that sells nationally or internationally, then that competition is fiercer.

Website rankings play a big part in what people choose when they research businesses or topics related to the services you offer. If your competition is on page one and you’re on page three, then your business never gets seen.

You’re losing customers and revenue because all your competition is rankings higher than you on Google, Yahoo and Bing. You can spend thousands of dollars are on a top-notch website, but it doesn’t matter if no one sees it.

Search engine optimization’s single purpose is to make your website more visible on search engines. By utilizing amazingly written content and proper keyword selection, your website can climb the rankings and get seen before your competitors.

Few people go beyond the first search page and many don’t go beyond the first few search results. If you want to stand out and be a leader in the rankings, then your business needs SEO.

Google is Constantly Changing So Use A San Diego SEO Expert

When Google first came around, the algorithm was simple and easy to beat. People could stuff their website with keywords and buy backlinks from random websites and soar the top of the search results. Websites that were not worth being there still ranked and Google did not like this.

They’ve advanced and developed their algorithm over the years to make it more difficult to cheat the system. Google is a business and wants their customers to get the best product they can. If the search results don’t focus on what they want and provide websites that have the answers they need, then Google is failing its customers.

SEO is constantly evolving to keep up with the changes Google makes. The tactics that worked only a few months ago could be negated by an algorithm update. You need SEO experts that are constantly on the lookout for changes in search rankings and can re-evaluate SEO strategies based on those changes.

SEO is important, but it’s also important to not continue to do strategies that hurt your business because you didn’t realize there was an algorithm change. Businesses must keep up to date with changes or have an SEO expert on hand to do it for you.

Organic Traffic Still Rules

There are many ways a person can get to your website from social media to paid advertisements. These are all wonderful additions to your digital marketing strategy, but search engine traffic is still the leading traffic getter for more websites.

How many banners and search ads have you dismissed without even really seeing them. They’ve become so common that they’re in the background and mostly unnoticed.

When people want to know about a business, product or service, they Google it. Google handles billions of searches each day from all around the world and don’t discount the other search engines too.

If you want to get your piece of that traffic, then you need to rank well on the search engines. The only way to do that quickly and efficiently is through search engine optimization.

That’s not to say the other forms of digital marketing aren’t a good investment, but they need to be part of a whole package. Check your Google Analytics and see how much traffic comes to your website from Google organic.

It probably dwarfs all your other forms of qualified traffic. Don’t underestimate the power of organic traffic and the ability for SEO to drive it to you.

SEO Builds Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness

Recently, one of the biggest changes Google made to its algorithm was called EAT. It stands for expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. Google has always put a focus on those qualities, but it’s seen set into the algorithm.

How do you measure EAT? Google isn’t coming forward with a lot of answers on that, but SEO experts have ideas on the best ways to grow your EAT through SEO. SEO helps create high authority backlinks from websites connected to your niche.

SEO uses long-form optimized blog posts to show your expertise in the field. It helps build reviews and show people you’re a trustworthy source for the information. Also, creating well-thought web content, you’re helping with user experience on your site.

Everything SEO does to help your website rankings builds your EAT. Google notices these changes over time and you’ll notice your rankings begin to climb week after week and month after month. You might even find your blogs part of Google’s Q & A or other snippets that appears above the search results.

Focus on Local SEO

If you’re a business that serves a specific area or region, then you’ll need local SEO. The main difference between local and national SEO is local tries to rank you well for searches within that region.

It uses regional and city-specific keywords to help tell Google the areas you service. Blog posts include geographic keywords, so it shows up for people that use those geographic keywords.

For example, if you’re a central air company in San Diego, then you might want to use keywords such as central air repair in San Diego.

Local SEO also includes making sure you have local backlinks, a properly filled out Google My Business profile and Google Maps integration on your website.

Many times, local searches include a map and a listing of businesses pertaining to their search query. SEO helps you be a part of that and included in with the other businesses.

Local SEO also includes making sure your business information is correct on various business listings and review websites like Yelp. These sites rank well and many times the information isn’t correct. You don’t want someone to visit a Yelp page and find that your phone number or business hours are wrong.

SEO is Less Expensive in the Long Run

The problem with social media and paid digital marketing is they cost money. If you really want to reach people on social media, then you need to boost posts. The days of free long-reaching social media posts are long over.

With Google Ads, you can spend hundreds or thousands on ads and unless your campaigns are run well, end up with little in return.

If you do it yourself, SEO is free, but it’s time-consuming and you have a business to run. Professional SEO services cost money, but once you reach a good ranking in the search results it’s hard to knock you off. You’ll find the efforts are worth it in the long term.

SEO isn’t something that happens overnight. That’s why it’s important to have a short-term and long-term marketing strategy. It takes time for the changes to be made on your site, Google to notice those changes and then change the rankings.

SEO requires patience, but it’s worth the wait when your organic traffic starts increasing by leaps and bounds. It’s the type of investment that continues to grow long after you’ve switched to different strategies.

SEO Helps You Understand Your Traffic

Unlike Google Ads, it’s a little more difficult to quantify the results of SEO. With Google Ads, you have tons of metrics that let you know how much traffic came from what ad and how much it cost.

SEO doesn’t have anything like that, but there is Google Analytics. SEO is primary concerned with improving search engine rankings, growing your traffic and improving your conversions.

Google Analytics is a free application by Google that lets you examine your traffic sources and see where your traffic comes from and where it goes. When coupled with Google Search Console you can get a comprehensive look at traffic and how your SEO impacts it.

Changes made for SEO may take a few weeks or months to truly catch on with Google. You’ll be able to watch and see how the SEO impacts your traffic over time, see if it helps increase conversion and what pages are being viewed by this new traffic.

If SEO focused on a specific set of pages and suddenly those pages received an increase in organic traffic, then you know the SEO works. You can check conversions and see if the traffic led to conversion or just to page hits.

SEO Shows You new Opportunities

You know your products and services better than anyone. You may think SEO should focus on one area because it’s a popular item or service. An SEO expert may suggest a different area because he recognizes you have an SEO deficit in that area.

It could be a product or service you don’t know as well, so you didn’t put in keywords naturally when creating the category or product descriptions. They may identify that people are asking questions about a specific product and suggest a blog post answering that question.

When you have an expert at SEO helping you, they take an impartial view and look at the data. They see trends, deficits and opportunities you may not see.

That blog post may help improve your traffic 15 percent or lead to a 5 percent increase in conversions. You know your business and may want to focus on a specific area, but many times you can improve other areas and get a better return on investment based on your current rankings.

SEO experts look at keywords competition and search volume to determine what would be the best keywords for your business to focus on. They may suggest long-tail keywords that have less search volume but would be easier for you to rank for and this gains traffic and conversions.

It’s Proven the Test of Time

There are many digital marketing avenues out there, but few have been around as long as SEO. As soon as search engines began, people were trying to get that number one page rank. SEO was around since the Internet was in its infancy.

While the SEO of today is a far cry from days past, it’s evolved and changes with the search engines. As the algorithms became more complicated, so did SEO. We rely heavily on data, best practices and lots of know-how to maximize your rise in page rank.

Businesses who need a method of digital marketing that is time tested need to have SEO. Page rank is as important today as it was a decade ago, if not more. Making your SEO meets the needs of mobile users, schema to provide context to Google and more are all part of the SEO experience.

SEO experts have spent countless hours learning the ins and outs of the digital marketing process and how to use SEO in conjunction with other applications such as boosting blogs through social media.

Businesses Need SEO

Search engine optimization is a vital part of any business’s digital marketing portfolio. Organic search results are still a leading traffic provider for websites and SEO is less expensive than other types of digital marketing.

If a business wants to be competitive in today’s digital marketplace, then they need a San Diego SEO expert on their site. If you want to learn more information about search engine optimization and how it can help your business, then please explore our site.