Get Inspired to Grow: 11 Creative Digital Marketing Strategy Examples

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Eight out of ten businesses will fail within ten years of startup. Amongst many factors, a huge contributing factor to failure is a lack of a proper marketing and business strategy. There needs to be a comprehensive business strategy for every aspect of your business.

Your business model has to be set up so that clients will repurchase from you many times over. Your products and services must be better than your competitors’ offerings. You must be well organized and efficient. And last, but not least, your marketing strategy needs to be balanced and affordable.

These days, most companies run creative digital marketing campaigns to gain exposure and sales. Some business owners ignore a digital marketing strategy because they think it is too competitive. Well if the other guys can do it, why can’t you? Sometimes, all it takes is to have a very creative digital marketing strategy. Have you been shooting in the dark when it comes to creative digital marketing?

Read on for our 11 top tips to boost your results in the digital landscape.

Ready to Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Here are our top eleven creative digital marketing strategies you can implement tomorrow.

Make a Content Creation Schedule and Stick to It

A great way to market your business is to have a marketing strategy offering creative quality content. You need to be creating great content all the time.

You need to start a blog on your website if you don’t have one already. Post blogs containing keyword-driven and relevant niche content at least once a week. Twice a week is better.

Make sure you have list building functionality on your site to collect contact information. Sticking to a consistent content schedule will build your readership and give you the ability to exchange information, including contact information.

Remember to submit new content to Google Search Console any time you make a post. This will allow your content to get indexed faster by search engines.

Refresh Current Content on Your Blog

A key part of your digital marketing strategy template needs to include seasonal and year-to-year refreshes of your current content.

Any post that includes the year, references a season or current events, or any other dating material needs updating to include the current year and time. Even if there is an article about a specific event or technique that is now outdated, leave it alone.

If you have new content, update it to reflect as a current post. This will get you a refresh in the SERPs and boost readership on older content.

Use Email Outreach to Build Your Backlink Profile

A great digital marketing strategy example that many people overlook is the power of personal connection. We all know we need a substantial backlink profile to get noticed on Google and other search engines.

But, building links becomes a sort of ethereal thing that companies do for you. The truth is you can obtain links yourself from reputable sites in your niche by reaching out to them. Do your research and craft an email campaign to ask for mentions from the big guys in your industry.

Getting authority links like these is tough but you can get it done with some personal touches. Email marketing is becoming an important foundation in the digital marketing world.

Consider Out of the Box Backlinking Techniques

Speaking of backlinking, a professional digital marketing planner will advise continuing your backlink building every month. This isn’t a set it and forget it scenario. Your backlink profile continues to build onto itself to build your authority and reputation online.

Use a seasoned SEO expert to get you into the out of the box backlink game. They will have connections to the heavy hitters. They can get you hundreds of links for the same cost as it would take you to get ten.

Outsource the Heavy Lifting to a Specialist

Digital marketing specialists already have access to so much data. They will be able to curate keywords for your niche fast. They can create a strategy in weeks that will get you results.

While you can do some of this work yourself leave things like keyword research, optimization strategy, and the overall strategy scheduling to a professional marketer.

What is Proximity Optimization and Why is it Important for Local Business?

Now here is a creative digital marketing strategy you probably haven’t heard of. Proximity optimization is the art of getting you seen locally. This process uses tools like Google stacking, Drive stacks, GMB optimization, and others to make you the authority within a 20-mile radius.

If your business needs local foot traffic to survive you need to focus on local SEO. There is a 50% higher chance of a customer walking in after they find you in a “near me” search on Google. If you show up in the top three spots of the Google Maps preview even better.

Don’t let yourself lose out to your nearby competitors because you ignored local SEO. In fact, local SEO can be one of the most effective and affordable ways to market your business while building your brand exposure. A good SEO company can help you gain exposure using creative digital marketing search terms. For example, if you sell hats, instead of using search phrases like “pink hats for sale”, you may be more noticed for “pink hats for spring weddings”. These days, it’s sometimes good to be more creative so that you get noticed where others won’t be competing. The key to creative digital marketing is good research and using a professional who is both data oriented and creative.

Create and Adhere to a Social Media Posting Schedule

We know that you’ve heard it over and over again. You need to be active on social media. We know it’s a lot to keep up with. That’s why we suggest you hire a social media professional to maintain your posting schedule.

Professionals understand the look and feel of each different platform and are phenomenal in speaking all their different languages. This is key to having success in social media.

Implement Schema Across Your Website

Schema is the tool that allows your site to win featured snippets on Google. The featured snippet is the coveted position zero. Find a quality SEO tool for your site and it can do this for you.

The most important types are page type, reviews, aggregate ratings, and other key points. Schema helps you make tables searchable by search engine crawlers. It’s a good idea to implement all over your site.

Utilize Third-Party Tools to Study Competitors

Use tools like SEMRush to study your competition. These tools will also clue you into your own domain analytics. They will make suggestions on optimizations to make your site better.

Close Any Content Gaps Between You and Your Competition

What’s a content gap? It’s what your competitors are talking about on their blogs that you have not mentioned yet. You want to write blog posts on any of these topics.

This is another benefit of third-party SEO analysis tools. They can locate these gaps for you and make it easier to create a strategy to close them.

Implement Paid Advertising Strategies on Platforms that Convert for Your Business

Check out your Google Analytics. Where are most of your visitors coming from? Facebook? You need to be boosting Facebook ads. Google? Start considering a Google Ads spend.

Boost what your organic traffic is already doing by implementing strategic PPC plays. Choose platforms that are already traffic generating. These will garner the highest results.

Build Organic Traffic, Boost Conversions, Raise Your Bottom Line with Digital Marketing

We hope you have found at least one new digital marketing strategy that can help build your business on this list.

Having some trouble coming to grips with this whole digital marketing thing? We get it. This stuff is hard. Let us do it for you.

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