San Diego SEO Expert 2022 Explains the 11 Best Digital Marketing Trends This Year

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Digital marketing is unavoidable these days. Make the most of it by staying up to date with digital marketing trends, according to a San Diego SEO expert 2022.

Over the past couple of years, SEO digital marketing trends have evolved around being mobile-friendly.

With more and more people searching on their phones for online businesses, it’s more important than ever that businesses are able to capitalize and make their business more SEO optimized.

But in order for businesses to integrate SEO into their content and website, they need to know about the most current trends.

In this article, San Diego SEO expert explains the 7 best digital marketing trends of 2022 to follow. These trends will not only boost traffic to your business, they will modernize your business and give you a higher conversion rate.

1. Mobile-Friendly SEO

Although briefly mentioned, it’s important to dive deeper into how you can make your business website more mobile-friendly. Making it mobile-friendly can help your website rank higher because Google sees it as being mobile-friendly.

In fact, Google will soon be mobile-indexing instead of only doing desktop indexing.

It shows the value of ensuring your content reads easily on a mobile device. You want to make sure the download speeds are fast as well.

2. Quality Content Rules

Another trend to follow in digital marketing is the quality of content is becoming more and more valuable.

Anyone can write a basic blog post. But in order to write original content, it takes to research and will typically be longer than your average post. It gives the reader everything they need from a single post.

Writing quality content also involves adding keywords organically. You don’t want to overstuff on the keywords. You want to add them organically throughout your content and on your website so Google ranks higher.

Finally, if you want to maximize quality content, you also need to add keywords strategically into your headers, subheaders, meta description, and URLs.

3. More Personalization

A lot of businesses use automatic email marketing or messaging to communicate with customers. However, this often can hurt relationships with the customer.

That’s why personalization is one of the recent trends in digital marketing. That means, instead of sending an email blast, it’s better to send personalized emails.

It may take longer to send personalized emails, but it will be more rewarding because you responding to each person uniquely.

4. Video Marketing

Video is also another trend in digital marketing. Almost 70% of business executives visit a marketer’s website after they’ve seen one of their videos.

It shows the power of video marketing and how easy it is to convey information. However, to get the most out of your videos, you need to keep them short and concise. It will help keep someone’s attention about what they are watching.

You should also optimize your video for SEO. That means creating an accurate meta description of your video and adding a relevant title.

5. Customer Experience Is More Important Than Ever

Another important digital marketing trend is the customer experience. Your business needs a brand that appeals to the customer.

For example, you want your brand to tell a story about your customer. Your website, your content, and everything about your business should tell a compelling story about your customer.

When you do this, it helps create a memorable customer experience. You are telling a story that makes the customer’s experience more memorable.

6. Voice Search

Alexa and Google Assistance are some examples of voice search. They are becoming more common to search for items.

While your business doesn’t have to create a product like Alexa, it can create voice advertisements to put on Alexa or Google Assistant. You can create unique advertisements that speak to your brand and enhances the user experience.

7. Interactive Content

Instead of having content that people read, it’s important to consider how they interact with your content. When your consumers interact with your content, they become a participant instead of a spectator.

Some of the ways to add interactive content are to add quizzes and polls. You can ask people questions about what they thought about your articles or what they think about your products.

When you add more interactive content, the customer feels more connected with the brand. They are immersed in the story that your brand gives to them.

8. Be a Part of Social Media

Social media has been trending for years and will continue to be a top trend in digital marketing.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and other social media platforms are a great way to advertise and promote your business. It’s a great way to give your business a presence and show what you have to offer.

With social media, you can promote videos, give quizzes, and offer more engagement for the users. It’s the perfect opportunity to spread brand awareness.

You can also advertise to a specific audience. You can retarget audiences who clicked on your advertisement.

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Why It’s Important to Follow Digital Marketing Trends

Businesses need to understand the consumer and their behavior in the market. The advice of a San Diego expert on these digital marketing trends helps you understand the consumer’s behavior.

You understand what they are interested in and how your business can adapt to their interest. If you want your business to stay relevant, it’s important to follow these trends. Ultimately, your business can generate more traffic, more conversions, and maintain a relationship with customers by adopting these trends.

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