Small Business Services

Small Business Marketing Services

We teach a wide range of protocols, and offer multiple programs that are specific to small business for generating income, savings, and increased profits. The list below includes just a few examples of what we do, and may not apply to every business.

We Help With Marketing Planning:
  • Goal Mapping & Definition of Success
  • Small Business Action Plans
  • Small Business Brand Messaging
  • New Business Consulting
  • Creating Marketing Budgets
  • Small Business Tactics and Approaches
We Help With Marketing Programs:
  • Endorsement marketing programs (getting endorsed by those who matter)
  • Your online presence—how effective your online marketing is
  • Social Media marketing opportunities
  • Analyzing competitor strengths and weaknesses—a search for missed opportunities
  • Visual 1st Impression analysis (including online)
  • Formal Referral programs
  • Co-operative programs with other businesses
  • Formal up-sell and cross selling programs
We Help With Client Relations:
  • Creating a higher profile for your business
  • Separating your business from your competitors with customer service
  • Sales processes and communication techniques
  • Returning-client incentive protocols
  • Client reminder protocols
  • Client retention and attrition
  • Top client VIP programs
  • New customer welcoming programs
  • Past customer reclamation programs