Small Business Tactics

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Spending Money on Marketing

Before you spend money on marketing, put yourself in the position of being the consumer. What would prompt you to contact a company offering the same products or services? Be real about it… chances are you will rethink your marketing approach if you are the buyer. Now ask yourself these three questions:

    First: What is your true definition of success for the business? What is the reputation you want your business to have?
    Second: What does your business mean to your clients? What would prompt them to go to you instead of your competitors?
    Third: Are you inspiring your staff to believe in your definition of success and your brand image?
Three Powerful Methods To Increase Business

Once you have the “big picture” sorted out, we help you focus on three things simultaneously:

  1. Methods to increase your number of clients or customers
  2. Methods to increase the average size of your sale per client
  3. Methods to increase the number of times your clients return and buy again

Through specific programs and protocols, we start increasing your traffic and sales, adding small percentages from many simultaneous programs that add up to bigger percentages collectively. So instead of relying on a newspaper ad or one avenue of generating business we create multiple.

Marketing That Makes A Sustainable Difference

By guiding small business owners away from standard advertising practices and discounting tactics, we employ a more personal and in-depth approach to enhancing sales and brand awareness. We tackle tough marketing challenges by using sustainable, cost-effective approaches.