Why Emotional Messaging Is So Important For A Brand?

If you are one of the top companies in your market or area of expertise, it’s most likely because you have provided great value and service. It’s also likely that your closest competitors have done the same. This then brings up an important question: if all things are relatively equal amongst competitors, ie. product, service, price etc.— why should your clients choose you over your competitors? Now, you must think this is a trick question, but it is not. At MAD Group, we believe the emotional connection your clients have with you or your brand, or both, is the differentiator. We irrationally buy Apple computers that are more expensive but don’t necessarily do things better than PCs. That’s because we are emotionally connected and attached to the brand and it’s perceived value to us.

How you get companies to connect with your potential customers is in the messaging as it relates to the visuals that give it context. In other words, your emotional messaging complemented with powerful visuals can connect with emotional trigger points, and thus exude the personality of your brand. This is the likability differentiator that can sway decisions. So, remember the next time when you are writing for technical precision about how well you do things, we urge you to pause and think about how you can write with personality, so you can have a leg up on your competitors and reveal who you really are.