Fully Outsourced Marketing Department

Rates: 15,500+ / Month
Comprehensive senior-level marketing, branding, and advertising for half the price of an in-house team. On-Demand services for all your media, design, and campaign needs. We will do all the thinking for you. We wake up thinking about your business and go to bed thinking about your business.

  • We'll Be An Extension Of Your Company
  • Media Buying and Management
  • Video Production Services
  • Comprehensive Brand Building and Upgrade
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click Google Advertising (PPC)
  • Social Media Marketing (Brand Focused)
  • Strategic Consulting, Planning & Mapping
  • Strategic Marketing Workshops
  • High-Impact Headline Writing
  • Body Content Copywriting & Editing
  • Strategic Brand Messaging
  • Competitive Research
  • Creative Design Services
  • Email Marketing
  • Print management
  • Project management
  • Tracking and Adjusting

Brand Building and Upgrade

Create a high-profile brand that enhances your negotiating power, connects with audience trigger points, adds personality and likability, outclasses competitors, and gets more people interacting with your company, products, and services.

  • High-Impact Brand Messaging
  • Style Guides & Standards Integration
  • Strategic Branding Workshops
  • Target Market Contact Strategies
  • Strategic Positioning For Each Market
  • Research & Competitor Evaluation
  • Game Changers and Brand Attributes Integration
  • Communications Planning
  • Branded Company & Campaign Taglines
  • Branded Company & Campaign Slogans
  • Brand Mission, Values, & Vision
  • Brand Pledge & Promise
  • Branded Marketing Materials
  • Integrating Branded Graphic Elements & Emblems
  • Integrating Branded Backgrounds, Headers & Footers

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is very important for a balanced marketing strategy. Your customers and your competition are on social media. You can improve brand loyalty, brand awareness, click-throughs to your website, and customers are more receptive to your voice on social media than they are on your website.

  • Marketing Strategy Development
  • High Engagement Competitive Analysis
  • Set Up & Design Social Pages
  • Adopt Trending Content
  • Monthly Account Administration
  • Daily Profile Monitoring
  • Daily responding to comments
  • Multiple posts and interactions per week
  • Personalized hashtags in each post
  • Managing contests and special campaigns
  • Creative Personality Oriented Content
  • Photo and video management
  • Boosting Followers and Visibility
  • Tracking and Reporting

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) allows you to display Google ads related to a search term or keyword to drive traffic to your website. It's a great marketing tool that can target audiences that you otherwise might not get in front of. Here are the PPC services we offer:

  • Full campaign creation and initial optimization
  • Ad-group creation with keyword breakdowns
  • Ad copy creation and optimization
  • Experiment with keyword match types
  • Extract and add negative keywords
  • Monitor poor preforming keywords
  • Manual adjustments for top performers
  • Rotate structured snippets
  • Make sure there is 3 adverts per ad-group
  • Split larger Adwords groups into smaller ones
  • Retargeting Set Up and Monitoring
  • Design High Impact Visual Retargeting Ads
  • Monitor Budgets and Clicks

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you can't be found on the internet for a common search term or product/service search, you might be missing many sales opportunities. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of helping you get found on Google and Bing for searches that are relevant to you. Here are some of the SEO services we provide:

  • Keyword Research and Analysis
  • Technical Website Optimization Edits
  • Title Tags, Description Tags, Keyword Tags
  • Website content tweaks (headlines, body text, etc.)
  • Link Building, Link Audits, and Management
  • Keyword Research and Analysis
  • Cometitive Research
  • Google Penalty Checks
  • High-Authority Guest Posting
  • SEO Blog Writing
  • Directory Citation Building
  • Automated Review Systems
  • Google Maps & Google My Business Updates
  • Reports & Analysis

Creative Design Services

Our custom creative design services are regarded at the highest level. From ad campaigns to direct mail and beyond, we design high-impact visuals mixed with engaging content to create a "wow" factor. Here are some of the services we include:

  • Postcards and Mailers
  • Flyers and Sell Sheets
  • Newsletters and Email Blasts
  • Presentations & Slide Decks
  • Brochures
  • Web page and landing page designs (no programming)
  • Corporate ID
  • Tradeshow Banners & Signs
  • Digital Banner Ads
  • Package Design

Custom Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website and build leads. If you target the right audiences with a powerful message and a powerful call-to-action, you can increase engagement on your website and ultimately drive sales.

  • Plan & execute monthly email marketing campaigns
  • Design eblast templates for campaigns (News, Events)
  • Program and code Eblasts for all email browsers
  • Purchase and input prospect Lists
  • Track open rates and click-through data
  • Update website to match eblast announcements
  • Schedule follow-up emails
  • Tweak and re-tweak emails based on data
  • Search photo banks for appropriate images
  • Create appealing call-to-actions

Website Design & Development

Your website is a critical component of your marketing. If your website does not create a "Wow" response you might be losing business opportunities. Your website needs to look as dynamic as your business is, and it needs to be coded cleanly for Google to give you a good ranking. In addition, marketing savvy needs to be employed to emotionally connect with your audience.

  • Website Planning and Mapping
  • UX/UI Interactive Wireframes
  • Creative Direction (Photography, Videos, Design
  • Clean Custom WordPress Programming
  • Mobile Responsive & Fluid Design
  • Dynamic Interactive Animation
  • E-Commerce Shopping Systems
  • Google Friendly URLs & Configuration
  • Speed Testing and Optimization
  • Post Launch Testing and Tweaking

Website Maintenance and Updates

Websites require maintenance to stay up-to-date, secure, and fully functional. Website plug-ins are targets for viruses and malware. If they are not kept up-to-date, they are vulnerable and you could lose your entire site, or portions of it. This package provides regular updates, scanning, backups, fixes, and support for your website so it won't lose Google ranking or be blacklisted.

  • Full site & database backup four times per month
  • Security updates
  • Scan for malware & viruses
  • Performance speed optimization & tracking
  • High-priority support
  • Scan & fix broken links
  • Update template theme
  • Web form testing
  • Update sitemap.xml & robots.txt
  • Analytics monitoring

With The MAD MAX Retainer We Will Strategically Advise On The Following:

  • How to align your marketing efforts with your goals
  • What marketing efforts will work for your business and what won’t
  • How to outclass your competitors
  • How to connect with audience trigger points
  • How to have your clients purchase from you more often
  • How to have your clients spend more per transaction
  • How to develop customer loyalty in specific steps
  • How to have your clients refer your business effectively and gladly do your marketing for you
  • What types of messaging and marketing materials will be most effective for you
  • Call-to-actions, promotions, and brand voice
  • How to regain past clients
  • And much more...

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