Managed Creative Services

Rates: 1,500+ / Month
For businesses that want to keep their marketing fresh and up-to-date, while staying top-of-mind, this could be the package for you. Consistent marketing is much more effective than stop-and-go marketing, and usually produces consistent brand messaging and materials.

  • Website Updates & Maintenance
  • Creative Design Services
  • Email Marketing

Website Updates & Maintenance

Websites require maintenance to stay up-to-date, secure, and fully functional. Website plug-ins are targets for viruses and malware. If they are not kept up-to-date, they are vulnerable and you could lose your entire site, or portions of it. This package provides regular updates, scanning, backups, fixes, and support for your website so it won't lose Google ranking or be blacklisted.

  • Full site & database backup four times per month
  • Security updates
  • Scan for malware & viruses
  • Performance speed optimization & tracking
  • High-priority support
  • Scan & fix broken links
  • Update template theme
  • Web form testing
  • Update sitemap.xml & robots.txt
  • Analytics monitoring

Creative Design Services

Effective marketing design is often overlooked and underestimated. Everyone these days seems to be an expert designer, from interns to senior executives. Your marketing materials can be a waste of time if they are not attention-getting and acted upon. This package offers expert design services with marketing saavy and printing oversight.

  • Postcards and Mailers
  • Flyers and Sell Sheets
  • Newsletters and Email Blasts
  • Presentations & Slide Decks
  • Brochures
  • Web page and landing page designs (no programming)
  • Corporate ID
  • Tradeshow Banners & Signs
  • Digital Banner Ads
  • Package Design

Email Marketing Services

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website. If you target the right audiences with a powerful message and a powerful call-to-action, you can increase engagement on your website and ultimately drive sales. In addition, Google ranks websites higher when they have high click-through rates, which email marketing helps to achieve.

  • Plan & execute monthly email marketing campaigns
  • Design eblast templates for campaigns (News, Events)
  • Program and code Eblasts for all email browsers
  • Purchase and input prospect Lists
  • Track open rates and click-through data
  • Update website to match eblast announcements
  • Schedule follow-up emails
  • Tweak and re-tweak emails based on data
  • Search photo banks for appropriate images
  • Create appealing call-to-actions

Planning, Process, & Execution

Planning: Before we embark on monthly activities, we will help articulate your goals then plan a schedule of activities that will help achieve them. We will constantly be tweaking and retweaking our approach, messaging and visuals to get the best possible outcomes.

Process: The Mad Mojo package is a great package for any business, especially small businesses on a budget. We will work with you closely to carry out your vision while making recommendations of our own. We can meet in person, video conference, or work with email and phone. We always get your final approval on projects before they go to press.

Execution: Our designers are thoughtful and seasoned. We ask a lot of questions to ensure you get what you want. Our perspective is through a marketing lens, rather than just aesthetics. As a marketing company, our priority is for you to get the results you seek. Contact us below to get a proposal that fits your needs.

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Need A More Comprehensive Marketing Package


Full Scope Marketing &

Rates: 5,000+ / Month

Strategic data-driven brand marketing, digital services, and advertising campaigns.

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Fully Outsourced
Marketing Department

Rates: 15,500+ / Month

Comprehensive senior-level marketing, branding, and advertising for half the price of an in-house team.

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