Incredible Influencer Marketing Strategy: 7 Tips for Picking the Right Influencers for Your Brand

Influencer marketing strategy is a sales tactic using influencers to promote a product or service. An influencer is an internet personality that impacts the decisions and lifestyles of their followers.

Modern-day consumers dislike being “sold”, and therefore do their best to avoid advertisements. However, powerful influencers easily sell a brand to their followers. This is why businesses are eager to partner with influencers and will pay six figures for a single social media post.

The right influencer who is passionate about your brand is essential to help with your marketing objectives. Read on for seven tips to help your company pick the perfect influencers for your brand.

1. Match Influencers With Your Buyer Personas

It’s best to choose an influencer whose audience is similar to your buyer personas. All influencers have a niche. The best method is to find influencers that are already attracting a similar audience to yours.

You should also select influencers whose values match your brand values. You may have a disaster if your influencer’s actions don’t align with your company values. For example, an influencer that is a very vocal democrat or republican may rub your clients the wrong way.

2. Choose Influencers With A Following On Social Media

One way to choose an influencer to market your brand is to check the number of their followers, page views, or YouTube views. Influencers can have anywhere from a thousand followers to millions of followers. The more followers and views an influencer has, the more expensive he or she may be.

You should check the level of engagement that popular influencers have during the onboarding process. Celebrities have many followers and high engagement which often means a higher price. The greater the engagement with followers, the more effective an influencer will likely be.

Sometimes influencers with the most followers have the least engagement with their followers. It may make sense to engage micro-influencers because they can connect more with followers. Micro-influencers may also stay loyal to your brand because you are collaborating at the beginning of their business.

Influencers with large followings are best for brands that want to increase their awareness. However, always make sure the audience applies relevantly to your brand. For example, a golf club company using a fashion influencer may not be the best choice.

3. Your Influencers Should Be Credible

Some influencers gain their followers because they’re entertaining. This doesn’t always mean they are credible. It won’t be profitable to use an influencer with a following that doesn’t accept their advice.

The chosen influencer must post authentic content about using your product or service. Avoid partnering with people that have poor reputations of lying or overselling. If consumers feel deceived, it’s unlikely they will buy with the influencer.

Some social media influencers have fake followers, hence their reach may not be as wide as they claim. Performance reviews will help to establish how effective an influencer is before committing to a long campaign. Be sure to check the validity of their engagement stats before signing any partnership contracts.

4. Pick Influencers Passionate About Your Brand

An influencer that uses and loves your product or service will be more convincing than one who only wants to get paid to promote a product. Their followers will probably notice when they aren’t being genuine, as well. Seek partnerships with influencers that are passionate about your brand.

Your influencer marketing strategy team should be active social media users. Passionate influencers will most likely have followers that relate to them, which will help them sell products without being overbearing.

5. Find Skilled Influencers

Choose influencers that have the technical ability to help market your brand. Amateurs in videography and writing can make your brand look amateur. The best influencers are professionals that prioritize quality.

Influencers should be knowledgeable about their niche and the best way to market to and engage with their followers. Some influencers are knowledgeable about digital marketing. Seek personalities that take their job seriously and have the marketing skills and talent to attract and keep their followers.

6. Check The Frequency Of Your Influencer’s Posts

Influencers that post content regularly will usually have more engagement and loyalty from their followers. This personality type will represent your brand the most effectively.

Consumers today buy from people they have a relationship with. The best way to develop this is to produce valuable content often. It takes multiples visits to a blog or YouTube site to convince someone to buy something. Influencers should post regularly to keep their followers engaged and loyal.

7. Test Strategy Results

It’s important to test if you are getting the desired result from your partnership with an influencer. Decide on your expectations from the beginning of the campaign so the influencer knows what to deliver.

Administer check-ins throughout the campaign to make sure everything is going accordingly. Keep open communication with the influencer so they feel comfortable asking questions and voicing concerns, which will keep operations running smoothly and decrease the chance of an undesirable outcome.

Create an Influencer Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Brand

Creating an influencer marketing strategy can help advance your brand online. It’s important to set boundaries to get the desired results from your influencer partnership.

If you’re looking for more tips and help to build an online strategy that will work for your business, contact us today.