Why Good Copywriting is Important for Your Business

good copywriting

The value of good writing goes unnoticed until it doesn’t. In other words, you could read a million perfect memos and never really pay attention to the writing. Once that horrible memo is sent out, though, you can’t take it back.

Bad writing is as embarrassing as it is difficult to follow. It doesn’t stop there, though.

Good copywriting can have invisible effects that ripple all throughout your business. We’ll talk more about that idea in this article, hopefully giving you a greater appreciation for the copywriter in your office.

The Importance of Good Copywriting

Our example of the memo might be a little bit dated. Today, most copywriters write web content that exists on your business’ website or social media pages.

You may think that you have the skills needed to create all of your web content. You very well may have those skills, but are you sure? You could be just like the person who thinks they’re really good at karaoke but clearly isn’t.

Good copy can be convincing, enticing, and set up a positive image for your company. Back in the day, a copywriter would pair with someone in design or illustration to complete the final document to be published.

Now copywriters are expected to have a knowledge of graphic design and web software that can help them make a page look excellent without the help of another professional.

We’re going to break down the value of copywriters into two categories. First, we’ll discuss the benefit that these people can have for your business. Second, we’ll go over the difference between good and bad writing.

What Good Copywriters Can Do

As things in the business world continue to shift online, more and more writing will need to be done. Everything from regular, quality blog content to product descriptions and web copy will be things that you need more and more.

If you look at a high-end company with a good website, you’ll notice that it feels different than your average stop online. In many cases, websites seem hacky, shoddily thrown together and not trustworthy.

Those sites that don’t immediately gain our trust are ones that are significantly less likely for us to make purchases on. A part of that impression is due to good web design, but the other end is the copy.

If you’re reading the front page of a site and there’s a typo, what does that say about the quality of the site? How about in blog posts? Product descriptions?

The reality is that if you notice an error in copywriting, you’re going to have a lower opinion of the website that you’re on. Further, you’ll have a lower opinion of the product or service on that website.

Narrative and Skill

Think about that hastily written, poorly thrown together blog post that you read last week. You had to sift through the text, trying to get what you needed and get out without having to read the whole thing.

The writing was uninterested, you weren’t looking forward to the end of the post, and you certainly didn’t follow any links back to the site’s other pages. That sounds like web copy written by an unskilled writer.

A good blog post will be composed of a solid framework and compelling ideas. A good writer will catch your attention, push the idea forward and convince the reader to do more research or visit the site at the end of a post.

Additionally, they’ll have solid insights into the thing they’re writing about. One quality of a good copywriter is the ability to research and translate information quickly, even if they have never learned about that topic before.

That means having enough information to fill the page with relevant comments without a lot of fluff. Fluff is pretty much the sentence that repeats itself. A lot of writers get redundant when they’re trying to fill space.

Good copy is absent of fluff and only contains relevant information.

SEO Knowledge

Another characteristic of a modern copywriter is a decent knowledge of search engine optimization. Search engines are essential gatekeepers for your web content and users. If you can make a page look good in the eyes of the all-seeing search engine, you’re going to see the benefits in your pocketbook.

But search engines are fickle, picky things. They use algorithms with over 200 search factors to determine which sites land at the top of a search. Things like link development, keyword optimization, content creation, and 197 more elements contribute to whether or not you’ll show up in a search.

Instead of shooting in the dark with your optimization, try to team up with a copywriter who understands SEO to a degree. Even if you aren’t yet producing blog content to optimize, you will be soon.

Ultimately, Results Speak for Themselves

At the end of the day, you’re going to stick with a writer who actually has an impact on the success of your business. Not only will your business benefit from a writer who presents a great image, but you’ll also experience direct results from those blog posts and copy that makes conversions.

When you can see direct sales coming from a compelling call to action at the end of a blog post, you can be confident that you’ve chosen the right copywriter. Poor writers don’t see those kinds of results.

Keeping a person engaged through the entirety of an article is a difficult thing to do, and compelling a reader to make a purchase is even harder.

Want to Boost Your Web Presence?

The value of good copywriting is hard to understate. There are a lot of elements to a website, though. Things like marketing and great design need to come into play before anyone even visits your page.

Dealing with web traffic and graphic design is difficult when you’re coming at it with limited knowledge. If you’re looking to make waves online with a great website, contact us to see how working with professionals can benefit your site.