Staying in Style: The Top Branding Trends of 2022


Increasing customer retention by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%. One of the important things you can do to increase customer retention is building a trustworthy brand.

Branding is an essential part of building a sticky business where customers stick around for the long-term. Continue reading this article to learn the top branding trends of 2022.

What Is Branding?

Branding is not just creating a name, symbol or design that sets your company apart from other companies. Branding is your company’s unique personality, character and set of values. It is displayed with messaging, visuals and a strategy. Branding can also be created for each specific product or service as well.

If the market you are in is highly competitive, your branding will play a major role in your success.

Building Your Business Brand to Dominate

When you want to dominate in business, you need to build a trusted brand. With the right guidance, building a brand isn’t as difficult as it sounds. The below tips will help you see what you need to do to keep up in 2022.

1. Customer-Driven

When you’re working on your brand, you need to align it to your vision. These days, if you want to have an endearing brand, it needs to be true to who you are and customer-driven simultaneously.

What do your customers want? What is important to them? If you try to push your agenda on your customers, they are going to run the other way. Companies are getting better at connecting with customers. If you are behind the times on this, your bottom line is going to suffer.

Your customers want an experience they can brag about. Your customers want to know you are listening to what they want. Being customer-driven is the only way to go this year and from now on.

2. Niched Down Brand Ambassadors

Instead of fancy celebs and athletes, brands realize that niched down brand ambassadors are the way to go. Influencers that have a strong following can move the needle for brands more than other spokespeople.

The message of “if you talk to everyone, you talk to no one” is finally resonating with brands. As they niche down and talk to people specifically, brands see they can spend less money on marketing and still get a good return.

3. Content Creating

Content creation is becoming a necessity for brands that want to make it online. Content is a way to stay in front of your target market without being obnoxious. Even potential clients that sign up for your email list often aren’t at a place where they are ready to buy.

Brands that create content build goodwill with their potential clients. When it comes time to buy, soon-to-be customers are likely to have an email or bookmark of the company website.

4. Coaching

Taking it a step further are brands that offer coaching to help with their products and services. Instead of leaving customers to learn everything on their own, live webinars and Q&A sessions are put in place to help customers with their purchases.

Clients that get coaching are more likely to stay on with the company. The reason customers are more likely to stay on with companies that offer coaching is that they know how to use the product. Since they know how to use the product, they will get the results they want and continue to use the product or service.

While coaching through webinars and other mediums may cost the company money, the retention they are able to get makes up for it. Many times the retention doesn’t only make up for it, but it brings in more revenue.

5. Varying Logo

Branding experts have been against changing logos for as long as we can remember. Now not only are experts changing their tune about upgrading their logo but now companies may have more than one logo. Depending on the platform the logo is being displayed on, it may be a different variation.

6. Super Detailed

Companies are taking their logo and design to the next level. Creating super detailed and intricate designs and logos are meant to draw customer attention.

7. Neo-minimalism

Neo-minimalism is having a very minimal design with a lot of negative space. The parts that are not negative are very bright and colorful hence the neo in the name.

8. Playful Interactions

If you’ve interacted with any highly popular brands lately, you may have noticed that they have various playful interactions in place. You might see some funny hamster or cat gifs. Other companies even say funny things when they welcome you to their email newsletter.

Exciting Developments Happening in 2022

Even though we’re not even halfway through the year, it is easy to tell there is something special in the air. Developments are happening at an increasingly fast rate from voice search to augmented reality.

Now is the perfect time to be a business on the rise. The opportunities are endless and working on your brand is a necessity to capitalize on this exciting time in history.

Old brands are rethinking their strategies and trying to keep up with upstarts that challenge their market share. Companies that can “out think” the big guys have the opportunity to compete and even surpass some of the companies that are most well-known.

Every element of businesses from chatbots to online portals will be branded to get customers to embrace the message and community of the company. The use of the term family continues to rise, and more companies are creating a group of closely connected community members.

A Worry-Free Branding Strategy

Do you think that branding is important, but you’re not sure where to get started? Maybe you don’t want to go through the whole process on your own.

Instead of trying to figure out everything on your own and executing your plan on your own, let us help you. Contact us today to learn how we can help you put together a branding strategy that works for your business and market.